Ukraine set a record for gas transit

Украина установила рекорд по транзиту газа

In 2017, gas transit reached the highest level since 2011.

Ukraine in 2017 has increased the transit of natural gas through its gas transport system (GTS) 13.7% (11,257 billion cubic meters) compared with the year 2016 by up to 93 billion 457,1 million cubic meters As noted in October, the highest since 2011, when gas transit through Ukraine amounted to 104.2 billion cubic meters.

Over the 2012-2016 transit ranged from 62,2 to 86.1 billion cubic meters per year.

In addition Ukraine in 2017 increased natural gas import by 26.8% (or 2 billion 971,7 million cubic meters) compared with the year 2016 – up to 14 billion 50.1 million cubic meters In December-2017 imports amounted to 954,9 million cubic meters of gas, which is 42.5% less than in December 2016 (1 billion 659,4 million cubic meters).

Monthly import at least 1 billion cubic meters of gas in 2017 were recorded only in April, when the country was delivered 0,54 million cubic meters In the remaining months of last year, the import ranged from 1,073 billion cubic metres to 1,453 billion cubic meters.

Earlier it was reported that natural gas production in Ukraine increased by 3.9% (719,4 million cubic meters) compared with the same period of 2016 to 18 billion 999,4 million cubic meters.

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