Ukraine should refuse the next tranche of the IMF, Vadim Rabinovich

Ukraine must reject IMF tranche. The people’s Deputy and leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich said on air of channel “112 Ukraine”. The politician believes that Ukraine should abandon the next tranche of the IMF, because the money will immediately go to pay off interest on previous loan, and debts will give the children and grandchildren of Ukrainians.

“IMF tranche of us are not only not needed, but they harm us. Because our children and grandchildren will be paying these debts. What is the problem from the IMF to give us a chance? We have done all that is necessary: adopted budget of slaughter in the country, gave the command to the Carpathian mountains to cut down a rode in Europe, have destroyed the regular banks. What is the problem to give us, like last time, tranche?” asks the MP.

According to him, in a couple of hours after the government will receive a tranche, it is used to cover the interest on previous IMF loans.

“They (the loans – ed.) we do not need. The new budget does not allow us to develop. The IMF let your money take yourself. To adopt this budget today was important because tomorrow is already gone. Now they can bankomati to start, that’s all”, concluded the leader of the party “For life”.

“This budget is an even greater blow to the pocket of people even more depreciation of the hryvnia. This Parliament has no right to exist”, – said the politician, adding even more critical statements to budgeted next year, the weighted average rate of 27,2 per dollar.

We will remind, earlier Vadim Rabinovich said that for the nationalization of the largest Bank in the country, “PrivatBank” shall be paid by the taxpayers and every Ukrainian will cost 10 thousand hryvnia.