Ukraine threatens a dangerous infection

Украине угрожает опасная инфекция

In Ukraine, recorded the first case of listeriosis

The first recorded case of Listeria − infecting bacterium that in humans causes a variety of serious diseases.

In Ukraine, one man was diagnosed with listeriosis, according to TSN.

It is noted that the first symptoms of illness like a severe food poisoning. Its effects are especially dangerous for the elderly with weak immune systems, young children and pregnant women.

The incubation period for listeriosis lasts from three to 45 days, and in some cases longer.

The bacterium infects the Central nervous system and can cause meningitis and encephalitis. In Ukraine, it could get from Europe, where he caused the death of ten people.

The outbreak occurred due to frozen corn, which markets the EU supplying from Hungary. Now it is actively removed from sale in Ukraine.

To avoid contamination, experts advise to conduct a thorough heat treatment of the products. Fresh vegetables and fruits it is advisable to scald with boiling water.


Earlier it was reported that six months was diagnosed with acute intestinal infection in more than 47 thousand people.

We will remind, in Ternopol recorded another case of botulism.

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