Ukraine to increase electricity exports – Minister

Украина нарастит экспорт электроэнергии - министр

The energy Ministry is initiatives in the field of electricity

In the Ministry want to increase earnings from exports to 750 million dollars a year.

The Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik offers from 1 June 2016 to proceed to the export of electricity to Belarus and Moldova, “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Ukraine on 1 June, if you support the resolution which I propose Wednesday to adopt, Ukraine will switch to the export of electricity to Belarus and Moldova”, – said the Nasalik.

He reminded that Ukraine three years ago received for exporting electricity $ 750 million.

“Now we want to resume this component,” the Minister said.

Recall that on 11 may Nasalik said that the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine recommends to the Cabinet to support the draft resolution on the intensification of export of electricity.

The Minister added that he had met with the Ambassador of Lithuania, who have expressed an interest in the supply of electricity from Ukraine.