Ukraine to privatize all state circuses and Dovzhenko film Studio

В Украине приватизируют все государственные цирки и киностудию Довженко

Sell seven circuses across the country.

The Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine announced privatization of all associated with the circus operations of public enterprises.

Will privatized the national circus of Ukraine and 6 Ukrainian circus institutions:

State enterprise “Kharkov state circus named after F. D. Asenova” SE “Dnipropetrovsk state circus”, SE “Odessa state circus”, SE “Zaporozhye state circus”, SE “Krivoy Rog state circus”, SE “Lviv state circus”.

Also in the list for privatization got state enterprise “State circus company of Ukraine”, SOE “Directorate of mobile circus troupes Ukraine” and SE “Ukrainian creative team for the preparation of circus rides and rooms”.

In addition to circus industry is planned, “sale” objects of the film industry: “the national Studio of feature films named Alexander Dovzhenko, Ukrainian Studio of chronicle-documentary films” and “Ukrainian Studio of animated films”.

Recall that during the circus performance at White Church bear attacked the audience.

In the Italian circus “made-up” breed dogs Chow were given for pandas