Ukraine took 21 place in terms of terrorism

Украина заняла 21 место по уровню терроризма

In Ukraine, said the decline in the effects of terrorism

High impact terrorism researchers associated with the activities of “DNR”. At the same time, “LPR”, according to a study in the current year is not responsible for terrorism.

The London Institute for Economics and peace carried out a study of global terrorism, which Ukraine took 21 place. On Wednesday, 5 December, Radio Liberty reports.

According to the study, Ukraine has received 6,048 points out of 10 (high level of influence of terrorism). While the Institute noted that in Ukraine there is a constant decrease in the death rate from terrorism that is associated with a decrease in the intensity of the conflict in the Donbas.

“For four consecutive years until 2017 Ukraine in the region was the country most affected by terrorism. But the number of deaths decreased by 96% after the peak in 2014, ” – said in the report.

For comparison, last year Ukraine was in the report of 17th place.

The authors of the study called “DNR” second most active terrorist group in the region. “DNR” is also referred to as the group responsible for the most deaths in the region in 2017. At the same time, “LPR”, according to the report, are not responsible for the terrorism-related death starting in 2015.

The study authors note that, despite the decrease in the activity of “L/DNR”, the conflict in the Donbas continues.

According to the report, the five countries most affected by terrorism are Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan.

USA is in top 20 place, Russia – 34.

The current study of global terrorism, the sixth conducted by the Institute for Economics and peace. The report is based on information from the database of global terrorism (GTD), collected by the National consortium for the study of terrorism, Department of homeland security center of excellence under the leadership of the University of Maryland (USA). The authors of the Global Terrorism Index note that the GTD is the most comprehensive database on terrorist activities.

Earlier in the SBU said that it had warned more than 400 attempts attacks over the past three and a half years.

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