Ukraine urged the UN to respond quickly to the propaganda

Украина призвала ООН оперативно реагировать на пропаганду

Russia is waging a hybrid war against Ukraine with the involvement of state-controlled media.

Propaganda of Russia with the participation of the public media, as well as the systematic falsification of facts by the Kremlin fueled the hatred of Russians toward Ukraine and continues to deepen the conflict. This requires the international community’s response to the situation.

This statement was made at a meeting of the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly first Secretary, permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN, Oleg Nikolenko, reports UKRINFORM.

“We are deeply concerned about the massive campaign of propaganda and incitement of hatred of Ukraine and Ukrainians, the Russian state media and public figures. It played an important role in fueling the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and the conflict in the Donbass”, – said the representative of Ukraine to the UN.

Nikolenko said that the Russian government has significantly limited the space for independent media, has strengthened control over the state media, turning them into powerful tools of state propaganda, which produce fake news.

“This hybrid war against Ukraine with the involvement of state-controlled Russian media, is a direct threat to the values of the UN. The Committee and other UN bodies must react to such attempts of falsification of the news and use them as tool of deepening of regional conflicts,” – said the Ukrainian diplomat.

He called on the international community to redouble its efforts in the implementation of best practices and tools in responding to this global threat.

“We are convinced that information security is a key element in every system of national security, and the UN should become a beacon for this by identifying and bringing to justice those involved in propaganda warfare,” – said Oleg Nikolenko.

As reported Корреспондент.netSBU has proposed to develop changes in legislation to criminalise manifestations of Russian propaganda in Ukrainian media.