Ukraine used four quotas for exports to the EU

Украина использовала четыре квоты на экспорт в ЕС

Ukraine has fully used the four tariff quotas of the EU

This year, the Ukrainian exporters are already fully used four tariff quotas of the European Union.

Since the beginning of 2019, Ukrainian exporters have already fully used the four tariff rate quotas for supply to the European Union. This was reported in the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine in response to the information request of UNN.

According to the Ministry, as at the end of February 2019 have already been used 4 tariff quotas for corn, honey, sugar, grape and Apple juices.

In addition, from the beginning, already used a quarter of the tariff quota on poultry meat.

It is reported that the use of tariff rate quotas for wheat (68,0%), processed tomatoes (57,9%), processed products, malt and starch (54,4%), butter and dairy spreads (50,0%) .

The Ministry said that at the beginning of 2019 Ukrainian exporters use the possibility of duty-free exports to the framework 29 of the tariff quotas with 40.

Ukraine is in the top five suppliers of agricultural products to the EU

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine and the European Commission reviewed the agreement on the supply of chicken. The European Commission has confirmed an agreement with Kiev about the change in FTA on the chicken. The EU will also increase the duty-free quotas for Ukraine.

Recall, the EU imposed duties on steel from Ukraine. The new measures are supposed to protect European steel producers from the influx of products due to new duties on steel and aluminum in the United States.


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