Ukraine vs Russia: court of justice issued its first decision

Украина против РФ: суд ООН вынес первое решение

The court of justice has approved that it is entitled to restrictive measures under the claim “Ukraine against Russia.”

The international court of justice in the Hague issued an interim judgment in the case “against Ukraine”, recognizing a jurisdiction prima facie* to consider the case.

“The court finds that at least some of the arguments of Ukraine fall under the jurisdiction prima facie of the court”, – said the President of the court, Ronnie Abraham, commenting on the accusations of Ukraine of the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism.

“With regard to the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, Ukraine must fulfill a number of conditions, in particular, about the previous pre-trial consultations with the Russian Federation. The court of justice acknowledged that Ukraine has fulfilled these requirements, on the basis of given appointment records (Ukraine and Russia)”, – he said.

“It appears that a dispute cannot be solved through negotiations,” – said Ronnie Abraham.

*In legal matters the expression prima facie refers to evidence that is considered to prove that an event took place, and if they are not refuted, by law, are acceptable.

The court of justice began to discuss the case “Ukraine vs Russia” on March 9. Before that, Kiev voiced their demands. The Kremlin said that Russia recognizes the decision in the Hague.