Ukraine wants to conduct an audit of the losses from the war

Украина хочет провести аудит убытков от войны

The chamber comes out with a proposal to his colleagues from the organization of INTOSAI, with 200 member countries.

Ukraine initiates the creation of the international working group on the audit of damages and losses due to military conflict, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber Valery Patskan in an interview with Zerkalo Nedeli.

According to him, the chamber comes out with a proposal to his colleagues in INTOSAI, consisting of 200 member countries.

According to him, this issue will be considered in September at the next INTOSAI Congress. And, despite the fact that it will take place in Moscow, and the Ukrainian delegation will boycott the event, a support group, ready to make the Ukrainian initiative.

Patskan said that the purpose of this group is to develop a methodology for estimation of losses incurred and mechanisms for the effective control of the use of funds to overcome these losses. We are talking not only about Ukraine, but about the development of a universal methodology which could use any state affected by the war.

“We have already held a meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs and the ambassadors of several countries. We told them this idea and asked to tell about our initiative to the higher audit institutions in their States. In addition, separate meetings with friendly to us agencies in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, which also can help us with this initiative. The fact that we are not exclusively tied to Ukraine, and want to create a universal methodology for all, should help us”, — said the head of the audit chamber.

“There are many countries, is also interested in establishing such a working group in INTOSAI, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Kuwait, Macedonia, Moldova, Syria, Croatia, Israel and, unfortunately, many other”, – he added.

According to him, if to show an example of one conflict, how much was the losses caused to the state how much money is needed to overcome these effects, the world’s attitude to the aggressor state will change.

Recall that during the hostilities in the Donbas killed 2949 Ukrainian military.