Ukraine was left without medals at the world championship on track

Украина осталась без медалей на ЧМ по велотреку

Andrew Vinokurov

Best result was 8th place love the Bass in the sprint.

In Hong Kong ended the world championship on track that has not produced medals the national team of Ukraine.

Our Love Basov was one of the contenders for the medals in the women’s sprint stopped on stage and took 8th place, and in Carine, failing to reach the final, was ninth.

The main hope of the men’s team, Andrey Vinokurov, Carine not made it to the finals and had to settle for ninth place in the sprint, Vinokourov where this season he won the world Cup, he hasn’t even made it to the 1/4 finals and ranked only 10th place.

According to the materials: