Ukraine will build for Kazakhstan Antonov an-74

Украина построит для Казахстана самолет Ан-74

Antonov An-74

Expected orders for four such machines.

Kharkov aircraft factory built aircraft an-74 in Kazakhstan. This was stated by General Director of the enterprise Alexander Krivokon, reports the local edition SQ.

According to the Director, for the plane, the customer has already paid 15 million dollars, but the car still not received.

The An-74 aircraft developed by Antonov ASTC. Antonov. Allows to carry loads up to 7.5 tons, including up to 10 passengers (up to 52 depending on model), at a height of 10 to 100 meters with a cruising speed of 550-700 km/h Can perform a variety of specialized tasks.

Krivokon, said that he had met with representatives of the newly formed Ministry of military industry of Kazakhstan.

“We modified the contract and agreed that production of the aircraft will go on tolling scheme, while the completion guarantor will perform UkrSpetsExport. It is expected that the national security Council of Kazakhstan will provide under the contract money for the next year. The Assembly will begin from the end of the summer, and in September 2018 it is planned to produce the car. Then expected orders for four machines for Kazakhstan”, – said Krivokon.

He also stressed that the plant has two more An-140.

“If you fail to sell them, planning to finish them with a domestic carrier and run routes,” said Krivokon.

As reported Корреспондент.netin December 2016 Ukraine presented a new freighter An-132D created without Russian components. The cost of the aircraft in the basic configuration will be about 30-35 million dollars.

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