Ukraine will host the premiere of the ballet to the music of David Bowie: Star Dust Complexions

В Украине пройдет премьера балета под музыку Дэвида Боуи: Complexions Star Dust

Ukraine will host the premiere of Star Dust the famous American choreographer Dwight Rhoden.

Progressive ballet to the music of David Bowie performed by a troupe of Complexions Contemporary Ballet will be presented in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and the Dnieper.

November 25 – Kiev, October Palace
November 27 – Odessa
29 November – Kharkiv
30 November – Odessa

The production of “Star Dust” is primarily about the cult, David Bowie, and the music will play a key role. To plunge into the world of ziggy Stardust will help the songs “Space Oddity” and “Rock N Roll Suicide”. In addition to them, the audience will remember “Changes”, “Heroes”, “Modern Love” “Young Americans” and the latest released song of the artist – “Lazarus”. Complementing the music Geografia, Dwight Rhoden wants the audience to feel those emotions which can cause the music Bowie.

В Украине пройдет премьера балета под музыку Дэвида Боуи: Complexions Star Dust



Premiere Star Dust held in 2017 in Detroit, then in new York and received the highest rating by the New York Times. Dwight Rhoden wanted to create a work that pays tribute to the work of David Bowie, whose long and colorful career influenced the music of generations. The authoritative edition of LA Weekly notes, Star Dust – brilliant combination of music by the legendary musician and choreography.

“We listened to the song and gave it a visual concept in motion. Thus, each song has an interpretation, there is a thread, but not necessarily history. I think you will see the most love to the artist. The show really pays tribute to his incredibly colorful career,” says Dwight Rhoden.

Complexions Contemporary Ballet – one of the most successful ballet companies in the United States, there are more than 20 years. The company was founded by choreographer Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson – a star of contemporary dance, known for its unique approach to modern choreography. In addition to Complexions, Dwight Rhoden known cooperation with such stars as Patrick Swayze, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, U2, Cirque du Solei. Ukrainian audience is familiar with the work of Dwight thanks to The Great Gatsby Ballet.

Desmond Richardson is the brightest star of the world of contemporary dance, co-founder and artistic Director of Complexions contemporary. His incredible style, virtuosity, expression movements make it one of the most outstanding dancers of our time! Also collaborated with the stars of show business, among them Madonna herself!