Ukraine will pay the debts of $1 billion per month

Украина выплатит по долгам $1 млрд за месяц

In September, Ukraine has to pay $ 500 million in Eurobonds and about the same IMF.

Ukraine will pay nearly a billion dollars of external debt in September, shows the schedule of payments.

So, on Monday, September 2, Kiev has to pay interest income in the amount of approximately $ 0.5 billion for released in 2015 in the framework of debt transactions Eurobonds.

September 3, Ukraine has to pay International monetary Fund 114,333 million SDRs (spetsprava borrowing) – 156 million dollars in equivalent.

September 13, the scheduled payment of the IMF 295.5 million SDRs.

Just in the 3rd quarter of Ukraine must repay foreign debt of about $ 4 billion.

In October 2015, the holders 13 of the 14 editions of the sovereign and government-guaranteed Eurobonds for a total of 14.36 billion dollars and 0.6 billion euros were supported by their restructuring.

Note for the two month of summer the national debt of Ukraine increased by 4 billion dollars, while for the whole last year – by $ 2 billion.


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