Ukraine will provide a “corridor” to the Russian troops

Украина предоставит "коридор" российским войскам

Russian troops in Transnistria

Ukraine is ready to ensure a safe and smooth withdrawal of the Russian troops and ammunition from Transnistria, as soon as Russia starts to do it.

The Russian military, which are in Transnistria, Ukraine will provide a “corridor” to exit. This was stated by special representative of Ukraine on Transnistrian settlement Viktor Krizhanovsky during a round table on Tuesday, April 17, UKRINFORM reported.

He noted that the agreement in principle that Ukraine gave in 1999.

“One of the decisions of the OSCE Istanbul summit of 1999 was the removal of Russian troops from Transnistria. And then Ukraine has given consent to the use of its Railways and airspace for the removal of Russian troops. So the issue was worked out… Our position is unchanged, the area we. We will provide a safe and smooth withdrawal of the Russian troops and ammunition from Transnistria, as soon as Russia starts to do it at least expresses a willingness,” said Krizhanovsky.

However, he stated that Russia today is not ready to do it, and recalled that Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Moscow will not withdraw its troops from Transnistria, as this may destabilize the situation around the conflict and Russian politicians in the Duma, referred to the unstable situation in Ukraine, which is not conducive to the export of munitions through its territory.

Krizhanovsky informed that today is preparing the vision of the Moldovan side status of the Transnistrian region within the Republic of Moldova. He expressed hope that the preparation of this document will be completed before the end of the year and it will be considered by the Transnistrian side.

“At the end of this year, we can hope that there will be prepared certain proposals and they will be transferred to the so-called leadership of Transnistria. I spoke with the so-called President of Transnistria Krasnoselskaya it ready as soon as we get to review the document. This is progress, since previously were not even told that they are ready to consider any status within Moldova. This gesture indicates certain positive developments in the negotiation process. That is to be expected that some changes in the end of the year may already be”, – said the diplomat.

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip on the 11th Kyiv security forum, said that Moldova asks Ukraine to provide a corridor for the withdrawal of Russian troops and weapons from Transnistria via Ukrainian territory.

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