Ukraine with weapons ready to defend 54% survey

Украину с оружием готовы защищать 54% – опрос

Ukrainians are ready to defend their country

Patriots among Ukrainian and financially secure.

More than half of the population of Ukraine is ready to take up arms to defend the territorial integrity of the state in the event of such a threat.

This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the sociological Rating group to the Day of defender of Ukraine, which is celebrated in the country on 14 October.

“54% of respondents expressed readiness in case of the threat to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine with arms in hand, almost doubled compared with 2012. These two thirds of the residents of the Center and West. In the South is half. But in the East, 52% said they were not ready to defend the Homeland with weapons in their hands (26% are ready and 22% undecided) – the study says.

It is noted that the Patriotic men among Ukrainian and more secure.

Also 59% of respondents support the idea of celebrating the national holiday of the Day of defender of Ukraine on October 14. But almost the same number – 56 percent – supports the idea of the abolition of the celebration of defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23. In this case, if first more to the West, the latter in the South and East.

“Almost half (45%) of the supporters of the idea of establishing October 14 as Day of Defender of Ukraine does not support the abolition of the celebration of the Soviet feast,” write the sociologists.

A sociological study was conducted in the regions of Ukraine 20-29 of September by a personal interview (face-to-face). The survey involved 2,000 respondents. The inaccuracy is no more than 2.2%.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe size of the Armed forces of Ukraine is at the maximum level of 250 thousand people. This is the number of military required by law.