Ukraine without Ryanair. Borispol has not adopted the low-cost carrier

Украина без Ryanair. Борисполь не принял лоукостер

The largest European low-cost airline Ryanair will not come to Ukraine

For the second Kyiv airport refused the largest European low-cost airline.

Irish Ryanair has abandoned plans to fly to Ukraine for two months before the scheduled flights.

Low-cost airline announced plans to work in Ukraine this spring. New flights were scheduled from the airports of Boryspil and Lviv.

On 10 July, Ryanair said that the Ministry of infrastructure and the management of the airport Borispol has not fulfilled the agreement.

The failure of the low-cost airline from the Ukraine cost the company a loss of 500 thousand passengers and 400 jobs.

Корреспондент.net understand why the largest European low-cost airline has peredumal to come to Ukraine.


Eleven flights

At the end of March the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian announced that Ryanair will be flying to Ukraine in the autumn of 2017.

He noted that the airports of Kyiv and Lviv it is necessary to “create proper conditions not only for Ryanair but also for other low-cost airlines”.

Ryanair had planned to fly from Kiev Boryspil airport to London, Manchester, Stockholm and Eindhoven from airport Lviv to Berlin, Wroclaw, Krakow, Budapest, Memmingen, also in London and Eindhoven.

In early July the General Director of Boryspil international airport Pavel Ryabikin wrote in Facebook that the airport has with Ryanair signed a cooperation agreement and sent to the main office of the airline.

According to him, most of the company were reflected in the signed contract, but not all.

Boryspil did not accept the terms Ryanair

On the eve of Ryanair message about the cancellation of the plans was held on the resonant press-conference of the head of Borispol airport Paul Ryabikina, where he says why he was able to negotiate with the company.

Ryabikin said that the airline requires from Boryspil free check-in counters, Parking for taxi, space for advertising, lands for hotel construction, office for sale of tickets, payment of 35 percent of the income of the duty free shops and a dozen different preferences.

“My potential for making a compromise solution, and Ryanair also compromises does not want to go,” said Ryabikin.

Украина без Ryanair. Борисполь не принял лоукостер

Boryspil told about the requirements of Ryanair

He noted that the main difference between the sides was the flight Borispol – London Stansted.

The airport and Ryanair are unable to agree on the amount of discount on flights, the timing of its action, the procedure for calculating the passenger charge on this route.

Ryabkin said that many of the requirements were at odds with the Ukrainian legislation, and the discount on the flight to London Borispol can not give a discount, because this direction already exists.

Director of Boryspil said that the agreement with Ryanair is not beneficial to Ukraine and expressed political pressure.

According to estimates, the airport management, the signing of the option agreement, which insisted that Ryanair would bring the airport’s annual losses of about two billion hryvnia.

Note that Boryspil – Kyiv’s second airport, which the airline failed to agree on tariffs for services. The option of Boryspil arose after the failed negotiations with Ryanair Juliani.

The President can not decree

Ryanair in the message it is noted that the Kiev aeroporturilor decided to support the airline with high fares, including Ukraine International airlines and “deprived of Ukrainian consumers and visitors to Ukraine access to the most competitive rates on tickets to many routes.”

“Ryanair asks for forgiveness from many customers who have bought tickets for flights with a low fare to or from Ukraine”, – said the aviokompanija, noting that the money for the tickets will be refunded.

The airline stressed that the airport in Lviv also became a victim of the decisions of Boryspil.

Украина без Ryanair. Борисполь не принял лоукостер

Executive Director of Ryanair / EPA

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian yesterday in Facebook wrote that the leadership of the Boryspil ignores the decree of the President of Ukraine on the reduction of air travel costs and attracting low-cost airlines.

He reminded that the decree of the President trebuet from the Cabinet to increase the number of flights to EU countries, including low-cost airlines.

“But the Borispol airport so unique that instead of having to do this (the arrival of Ryanair – ed.) of his victory, including economic, explained why Ryanair for them is a threat, not luck,” said Omeljan.

The Minister also recall that his office reduced the tariffs and charges for all airlines.

“Given the volume of traffic, MAU gain. And, given that fact, if MAU needs the state 400 million hryvnia, additional discounts – a gift from heaven. And now a question to the Boryspil: how much the state loses because of the comfort ustavi for MAU?!”, – wrote Omelian.

Social media reacted negatively to the news of the cancellation of the budget airlines in Ukraine. True, some took the news with yumorom.