Ukraine’s public debt continued to decline in October

Госдолг Украины продолжил снижаться в октябре

Ukraine’s public debt declines for seven straight months

For a month the public debt decreased by $ 350 million and at the beginning of November amounted to 74,32 billion.

In October the total public (direct and guaranteed) debt of Ukraine decreased by 0.5%, or $ 350 million, to 74,32 billion. This reads the data on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

Public and publicly guaranteed debt at the end of October amounted to 2 093,08 billion, or 74,32 billion dollars, against 2 of 112.95 billion, or 74,67 billion a month earlier.

The total amount of direct debt as of October 31, 811,43 amounted to 1 billion hryvnia (64,32 billion dollars) against 1 827,46 billion hryvnia (64,58 billion) a month earlier.

The direct external debt for the month decreased by 0.21 billion dollars to 37.65 billion dollars, while direct domestic debt – to 5.12 billion to 751,15 billion (in dollar equivalent decreased to 26.67 billion).

Government guaranteed debt at 31 October was 281,65 billion, or 10.0 billion.

Thus, Ukraine’s public debt declining for seven consecutive months. In particular, in September the national debt was reduced by 0.25%, or $ 190 million.


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