Ukraine’s state debt exceeded two trillion hryvnia

Госдолг Украины перевалил за два триллиона гривен

As of November 2017, the national debt of Ukraine is $76,33 billion.

In November 2017, the total public debt of Ukraine increased slightly and amounted to 2,062 trillion hryvnias, or 76,33 billion.

Direct state and state guaranteed debt of Ukraine in November 2017 increased by 0,05%, or $0,04 billion, to $76,33 billion, according to the Ministry of Finance.

It is noted that in the national currency, the national debt has increased by 0.74%, or by 15.06 billion UAH, – up to 2,062 trillion UAH.

With the beginning of the year total public and publicly guaranteed debt in dollar terms increased by 7.5%, or $5,36 bn, in local currency of 6.9%, or 132,19 billion,

In November, the direct state debt increased by 0.3% to $65,01 billion, while guaranteed declined by 1.4% – to $to 11.32 billion.

External debt in November decreased by 0.4% to $49,06 billion, while domestic rose by 1.6% to 736,79 billion.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that Ukraine’s foreign debt is 83% of GDP. In recalculation on each inhabitant of Ukraine this means 1800-1900 dollars of debt.

Earlier it was reported that the total debt of the national Bank and the Ministry of Finance to the IMF amount to 12.1 billion dollars.