Ukrainian and Turkish military will cooperate

Украинские и турецкие военные будут сотрудничать

The sides signed a Protocol on cooperation in the field of military geography.

Ukrainian and Turkish military will share cartographic materials, as well as to share experience in the field of military geography. The corresponding agreement was reached at the meeting of the Strategic Council of the top-level Ukraine-Turkey, said the head of the defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, October 10.

“The signing of the implementation Protocol will give the defense the opportunity to receive technical assistance from Turkey in the field of military geography, as well as create the legal basis for the extension of the Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation in the defense sector”, – said the Minister.

Poltorak said that the total work on military geography is only part of a more extensive interstate cooperation, said the General of the army. In addition, the militaries of both countries will develop joint projects on geographic information systems and will conduct training in this area.

Earlier it was reported that during training the Ukrainian military will take the national guard of the United States.