Ukrainian artists have created a portrait of trump out of coins

Украинские художники создали портрет Трампа из монет

Unusual portrait of trump

Painting a portrait of US President Donald trump Ukrainian artists took three months. Image created from small coins.

Ukrainian artists of small coins has created a portrait of the American President Donald trump. To create the image of a couple of artists worked for three months, reports TSN.

Depending on lighting the face of trump may look proud, childish, manic, or even comical. The artists say that in the portrait used a little money to show that you can be rich and cheap at the same time.

The trump suit is made of chips to play poker, to emphasize the reckless American President.

Before that, the artists have created a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin, using bullets. This portrait they called Face of war. To create paintings were used 5 thousand rounds.

“The money you can see a lot of persons. You can see presidents, people who have honor and dignity, for which they got a spot on them. It’s like a symbol of the nation. And that means that money is based on honor, but not what dignity or honor is based on money,” – said the artist Daria Marchenko.

We will remind, the Ukrainian Institute of America in new York opened an exhibition of the Five elements of war in which exhibited six-foot portrait of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, made of shell casings.