Ukrainian athletes won two more gold at the Universiade

Украинские спортсмены выиграли еще два золота Универсиады

Irina Romadanova

The third day of the Universiade brought Ukraine six medals.

The third day of the Universiade in Taipei has become Ukraine’s most successful yet – just six medals have enriched the Treasury of our team, and this is the same as the amount of medals won in the previous two days.

A successful day was from the point of view of the quality of the medals is gymnast Oleg Vernaeve was a two-time champion of the Universiade, and after his gold medal win in Taekwondo Irina Romadanova in category to 46 kg and Dmitry Chuchukalo in fencing.

Romadanova confidently reached the final, where he won strong-willed victory over the Japanese Kyriaki Koutouki – 5:3, losing after the first period 0:3.

Long time did not please us with the successes of the men’s foil-men, but in Taipei they broke through the semi – final came two of them. Dmitry Chuchukalo eventually became a gold medalist and Rostislav Garzik won a bronze medal.

The winners of the European championship on a diving Victoria Caesar and Stanislav Oligarchic became the silver medalists of the Universiade, finishing second in the men’s synchronised three-meter springboard.

Ukrainian couple has performed all the jumps without disruption and earned 284,64 points, second only to the Duo of winners from Mexico Emidio Adan Zuniga – Chavez Aranta (302,01 points).

Also the silver medalist Mykhailo Romanchuk, previously won gold Universiade. At this time, our swimmer won a medal in the 1,500 m freestyle.

Romanchuk was qualified for the final with the second result, and in the final swim was also second only to the Olympic champion Gregorio Paltrinieri from Italy. Ukrainian showed the result of 14:of 57.51 and by 9.76 seconds lost to the Italian.

Thus, in the third day of the Universiade, Ukrainian athletes won 6 medals and now they have 12 medals – 5 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze. The Universiade will last until August 30.

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