Ukrainian basketball players have beaten Latvia in world Cup qualifiers

Украинские баскетболисты обыграли Латвию в отборе на чемпионат мира

Ukraine defeated Latvia in the qualification for the world Cup-2019

The national team of Ukraine on basketball produced a clear victory on the road.

The national team of Ukraine basketball victory over team Latvia in the qualification for the world Cup in 2019. Meeting in Riga ended with the score 82:68.

Already in the opening meeting of the Ukrainian basketball players failed the jerk 9:0, and then Ukraine did not let the opponents, winning the first half of the game with an advantage of 10 points.

In the beginning of the third quarter, Latvia has close to a distance of six points, and the gladyrya and Jeter could not find the way to another ring. But at this moment he was rescued, hares and Pustovoy, which collected important rebounds and scored points from under the basket and from the line.

In the last leg close to the expense of the Latvians gave Pooh Jeter, who got some needed shots at the right time. A minute before the end the Ukrainians were +19, but allowed Latvia to reduce the gap.

This is the second victory of wards Evgeny Murzin in 3 qualifying matches. In the other match of the group Sweden sensationally beat Turkey and now Turkey and Ukraine on 5 points, Latvia and Sweden with four.

Latvia — Ukraine 68:82 (13:24, 17:16, 22:19, 16:23)

Latvia: Skele (2), Kurucz, Panels (6 + 5 rebounds), Smits (4), Pasechnik (5) — start; blooms (24 + 6 assists), Meyers (15 + 6 rebounds), Jakovics (8), Mauris (2 + 5 rebounds), Grazulis (0), Lejasmeiers (0).

Ukraine: Jeter (20 + 5 assists + 4 losses), gladyrya (3 + 7 rebounds), Konev (8 + 8 rebounds + 6 assists), beaver (0), Kravtsov (22 + 13 rebounds + 4 block-Shota) — start; rabbits (12 + 7 rebounds), Mishula (9),Pustovoy (6), Lukashov (0 + 3 rebounds), herun summarizes (0), year (0), Kobets (0).

Monday, February 26, wards Evgeny Murzin will hold in Kyiv sports Palace, the match of the 4th round of qualification to world Cup 2019 against the Swedes. The game starts at 19.00.

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