Ukrainian border guards reinforce security measures on Easter and may holidays

Украинские пограничники усилят меры безопасности на Пасхальные и майские праздники

The state border service of Ukraine (gpsu) during the Easter and may holidays will strengthen security measures at the state border and in the controlled border areas.

As explained in a press-service gpsu, the main goal of this measure is the prevention of penetration under the guise of peaceful citizens, terrorists, saboteurs and provocateurs, as well as the trafficking of arms, means of terror and other prohibited items across the state border. For security guards will interact with representatives of the National police, the National guard of Ukraine, State service of Ukraine for emergency situations and to carry out a thorough verification of documents of persons and vehicles, which will be located near the state border.

Also the border guards will check the readiness of coast guard vessels to action in case of aggravation of the situation and to carry out activities for the purpose of control and verification for sea and river vessels.

During festive days, the border guards will provide round-the-clock situational groups to respond in the event of a change of scenery, as well as to localization of conflict situations at the checkpoints on the state border. In the border divisions, especially those involved in anti-terrorist operations in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, there will be additional workshops on counter-terrorist activities of the militants and readiness to repel sudden attacks.

Recall that in uasbgs expect an increase in traffic through CPW in the ATO zone on Easter.