Ukrainian “Burger” has risen in price by almost half

Украинский "бургер" подорожал почти в полтора раза

A sandwich with bacon is expensive

During the year, the sandwich with bacon has risen by 42%. A 40-gram piece of bacon with rye bread increased in price at UAH.

Ukrainian sandwich with bacon in the last year rose by 42%. This was announced by the CEO of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko in Facebook.

He said that the cost of the “Burger”, as he calls Doroshenko, decided to count after the last fat festival in Vinnitsa.

“Today, this delicious sandwich will cost us the national average at 3.4 UAH. Thus, in particular, 40 g of black bread worth 70 kopecks, and 40 grams of fat and 2.7 UAH,” – said Doroshenko.

Last year, the Ukrainian “Burger” costing 2.4 g rn. “That is, 40 g of rye bread cost 50 kopecks, and 40 g fat – 1.9 UAH” – he recalled.

“Over the years the sandwich with bacon has risen by 42% or by UAH 1. Today’s most expensive Burger Ukrainian in Kiev – UAH 5,1, and the cheapest in the Ternopil region – UAH 2.4 GHz. That is, the difference is more than two times,” – says the expert.

“Salo with black bread is without exaggeration a gastronomic pride of Ukraine”, – stated it will.

Украинский "бургер" подорожал почти в полтора раза


We will remind, in Vinnytsia during the festival of bacon, bread and sausages made a huge sandwich with fat in the form of a map region. For the preparation of the record of the sandwich took about 60 kg of bread and 20 pounds of fat.

Informed in the state statistics service calculated that in Kiev the cost of fat is higher in 2.5 times than in the regions.

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