Ukrainian cardiac surgery: investments create the conditions for innovation

Украинская кардиохирургия: инвестиции создают условия для инноваций

Innovation and investment was highlighted at the press conference “a Year later. Outcomes and achievements the first private cardiac surgery in Ukraine”, organized on 19 September 2018года medical network “Dobrobut”

In mid-September, the attention of leading cardiac surgeons of the world was focused on Ukraine — the 28th Congress of the world Association of cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons in Ljubljana, Ukrainian heart surgeon, head of the Center for cardiac care “welfare” Alexander Babiak presented the revolutionary technique of carrying out multi-vessel coronary artery bypass surgery, which changes the approach to the treatment of patients with coronary heart disease. According to Alexander Zhukov, the development of techniques largely tied to investment, which came to cardiac surgery through the development of private medicine and created the conditions for effective therapeutic process and scientific research.

Those two themes — innovation and investments — were highlighted at the press conference “a Year later. Outcomes and achievements the first private cardiac surgery in Ukraine”, organized on 19 September 2018года medical network “Dobrobut”, where already conducted more than 450 open-heart surgeries.

The representatives of the clinic said that four of the five interventions in cardiac surgery networks are minimally invasive manner without the traumatic incision of the sternum. Such a high percentage sparing minimally invasive operations is not in any cardiac surgery centre of the world, since “welfare” is the only clinic, where for more than a year through mini-incisions are made the most common heart surgery — multi-vessel coronary artery bypass grafting.

Since the introduction of the new methodology its advantages, primarily speed of recovery and minimal discomfort is felt more than 260 patients. Among them — the citizen of Lviv Andriy Lapacek, who came to the press conference on the eighth day after the operation. The man said that for several days easily up the stairs, without problems riding around town and in two weeks plans to go to work.

According to Alexander Bablake, after the Congress in Ljubljana the Ukrainian doctors were invited to speak at several international forums. “We are proud that our doctors not only learn but also teach. And striving to make cardiac surgery clinic was developed as a platform for exchange of experience of surgeons from around the world,” — said General Director of “Dobrobut” Oleg Kalashnikov.

Continuing the conversation about the plans of Oleg Vladimirovich said that in the near future, the network reinvestiruet the development of angiography that from November this year to provide a full range of cardiac surgery services and conduct operations on the open heart, and endovascular interventions. In addition, together with the company Philips developed a large concept project to create a Center of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), scheduled to open in September 2020. For Ukraine, which along with Bulgaria, tops the list of European countries with the worst situation in the GCC, the emergence of such a center is very important.

Not spared and the topic of the cost of heart operations. “The average is 170 000 UAH. It may seem that expensive. But I assure you that, for example, for minimally invasive multi-vessel coronary artery bypass surgery in any European country will have to pay 25 000 euros. We do an average of 5 000 euros. The level of investment we have the same, and the equipment taking into account logistics and customs fees costs more. Despite this, we keep low in comparison with Europe prices, but do it harder,” said Oleg Kalashnikov.

Украинская кардиохирургия: инвестиции создают условия для инноваций



According to the head of “Dobrobut” medical network, investments in the medical sector of Ukraine is risky and will remain so until the citizens are compelled to pay for treatment. The operators of the medical market hope that the situation will change when the 2020 earn reform. Then investors can be confident that the investment will pay off, and it will create conditions for the development of domestic medicine.