Ukrainian chemical industry could replace 21 billion in imports in 2016.

Ukraine in 2016 paid for imported fertilizer 30 billion hryvnia, of which 21 billion could provide the domestic industry. This was during a round table at the Gorshenin Institute, said the President of the Union of chemists of Ukraine Oleksiy Golubov, writes “Left coast”.

“Last year, Ukraine imported 1,495 million tons of nitrogen fertilizers, NPK 1,399 million and somewhere 368 thousand of ammophos. The cost of imports of these products amounted to, according to conservative estimates, about 30.5 billion UAH. Could we avoid such expenses? Of course. We would have completely replaced 1,495 million for its fertilizers and would save the state 12 billion. We would be 900 thousand tons of NPK put and saved about 9 billion hryvnia. Thus, of the 30 billion 21 billion take – that’s what the savings were. And pay taxes, wages and so on,” he said.

According to him, 70% of imports came from Russia. The expert noted that in a situation when all the money goes abroad, was forced to stop two large plants in Rivne and Cherkasy.

According to Golubov, you can run them, if the company Ostchem will return the required 345,906 million cubic meters of gas. “Second, the Odessa port factory should Ostchem for gas 251 million dollars. Create conditions so that the SCR was operating profitably and began to recover debts”, – said the expert.

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