Ukrainian chess player explained the boycott of the championship in Saudi Arabia

Украинская шахматистка объяснила бойкот чемпионата в Саудовской Аравии

Anna Muzychuk

Sisters Muzychuk refused to participate in the world championship from-for violations of women’s rights.

Sisters Muzychuk refused to participate in the world championship, which this year was held in Saudi Arabia because of the violation of women’s rights in this country. His decision commented on the eldest of the sisters – Anna.

“The decision was very difficult. Not only do I lose the titles of world champion, won last year, but suffered a significant financial loss. Riyadh was a record prize Fund with a big difference compared to previous Championships. Despite this, I decided that now is the most important to defend their principles.

This is not the reaction I expected and close. In addition to the reviews there were a lot of letters. I am grateful to everyone who supported me. My post became the most popular in the history of Ukrainian Facebook, but for me more importantly the attitude that so many people do agree that the world Championships should not be held in countries where women feel inferior. This is a real problem, not some whim.

The easiest way was to close my eyes to go and likely to be among the winners. But I think that top players should take a clear position in this situation. I understand that finding sponsors is not easy, but FIDE needs to take into account and in what conditions the championship will be held.

Yes, most women still went to the championship because the prize was very high. In one such tournament, many girls earned more than a year. The more that we prize is not comparable with men. I do not blame colleagues who went to play. But things like freedom of choice and self-esteem is very important for us with my sister”, said Anna Muzychuk in an interview for the Championship.

Earlier it was reported that the sisters Muzychuk was among the best players in the world by the end of 2017.

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