Ukrainian Chumak won the silver at the world championship in weightlifting

Украинец Чумак выиграл серебро чемпионата мира по тяжелой атлетике

Dmitry Chumak

This is likely to be the only medal for Ukraine at the world championship.

Dmitry Chumak won the silver medal in the weight category up to 102 kg, having won the Ukraine’s first medal at the world championship in weightlifting, which takes place in Ashgabat.

In the weight category up to 102 kg Ukrainian heavyweight bronze medalist of the world Cup 2015, Dmitry Chumak was considered one of the favorites. In the first exercise – jerk Chumak fixed weight of 176 kg and took the third place.

At the push of a Ukrainian raised 217 kg and took silver. Chumak could in a last attempt to take 221 kg to claim the title, but the weight did not submit

In sum, Dmitry Chumak scored 393 kg and won a large silver medal. But the world champion was an Iranian, Ali Hashemi, the amount of 396 kg.

It is likely that for Ukraine, the medal chumaka will be the only in this world Cup. In the strongest groups And from Ukraine was performed by three athletes – in addition to Chumak in the category up to 102 kg was made by Konstantin Reva, which is the sum of 373 kg was the sixth in its category. Also sixth place in the category up to 81 kg with the sum of 223 kg took Irina Deha.

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