Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass, the lack of money and thinking about the Maidan: as discussed today Yanukovych in Rostov

Украинские Крым и Донбасс, отсутствие денег и размышления о Майдане: О чем сегодня говорил Янукович в Ростове

Today at 13:00 at svyatoshynskyi district court of Kyiv was to be held interrogation via videoconference fugitive Ukrainian ex-President, who law enforcement suspected of committing several criminal offences. To interview Yanukovych, however, was as a witness in the case against five ex-“berkutovets”. So demand the rules of law, explained to the GPU.

The interrogation of the ex-President did not take place due to the inability to deliver to the court of the prison suspects: several dozen people blocked the departure of ex-“berkutovets” of Lukyanovka jail.

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Yanukovych himself, while in the Rostov regional court of Russia, said that he was interested in the fact that the interrogation took place today.

Svyatoshinsky district court of Kyiv after the break decided to postpone the questioning Yanukovych on November 28.

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych today decided to give a press-conference which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”. gathered the main points announced today former Ukrainian President, now a fugitive on the territory of the aggressor country.

Evidence for the court will be announced only in court

At the beginning of his communication with journalists Yanukovych reiterated their intention to take part in a video conference in court on November 28, lamented the failed meeting today, and also refused to tell me what he intended to say during it.

“I want to say in advance that, despite the fact that on the 28th moved the court, if there is another provocation, which was today, I think that we with you necessarily will meet after the trial… I Want to say in advance that you will not be able to announce the testimony that I will give in court, in fact. It would be absolutely wrong, and legally risky enough, fraught,” said the fugitive ex-President.

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Unexpected statement on Crimea: Sorry about the annexation

Surprised Yanukovych statement on the illegal occupation and annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. According to the fugitive, illegitimate and unrecognized enforced the separation of the Peninsula, he said “bad”.

However, Yanukovych said there is a clear contradiction: while commenting on the topic of Crimea, he stated that he supports the actions of the Russian President on the Ukrainian Peninsula.

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“I had a conversation with Vladimir Putin. Is it possible to say so, the position as a person, as a Russian citizen and as a patriot. Here what I agree with him or not agree, does not matter. It is worthy, I’d say, command the world’s respect… But how I feel about the Crimea. Well, that Crimea secede from Ukraine or not? No. Not good. I think this is bad,” he said.

The Ukrainian Donbass

After the Crimea, speaking of the Donbass, Yanukovych stressed that the alleged in favour of retaining it as part of Ukraine.

“I was initially against, to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The separation of Donbass from Ukraine – it’s more the emotional rush of people who responded negatively to the riots, which were in Kiev. The reasons were very many. I am for the fact that Ukraine was part of Ukraine and was keeping the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – said Yanukovych.

Return to politics: there is no Direct answer

Answering the question about his possible return to big politics, Yanukovych has gone from single words and translated the theme in a different direction – fighting, and Russian aggression in the Donbas.

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“As for my return, as I understand it, in politics. I will tell you so. In the media a lot of writing that I want to get back into power, revenge and so on. I’m talking about what I think or can say dream. I dream that as soon as possible over the war in Ukraine, in my country, in the Donbass to stop people dying, so the Donbass has risen from these ruins, that brought him war,” said the fugitive ex-President.

“I wish back the people dispersed around the world, very many refugees. So I think more about it”, – Yanukovych added.

Euromaidan: Sorry about the victims and not imposed in Ukraine of martial law

Yanukovych has called his biggest mistake not imposed in Ukraine of martial law at the time of Euromaidan. According to him, only such a step could stop what is happening then, but would have triggered in the country a bloodshed.

“I really made some mistakes, I’m not a Saint. The biggest mistake that I made, I could not found at the time bring himself to sign the order on introduction of troops and the imposition of martial law in Ukraine. It was then the only way to stop radicals. I did not go to the bloodshed,” said the ex-President, now wanted by Ukrainian law enforcers.

Also, the ex-President said, why not give it a decree on the dispersal of Euromaidan.

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“As for my decision not to sign the order, as I felt hard today to talk about it. If I could turn back time, I would not be able to sign, I would not have raised a hand. Because I understood the consequences. At that time Ukraine was almost split in half, the Maidan was supported by about 47%, those who did not support Maidan, and 46%. It would start a civil war. I did not go for it”, – he said.

At the same time, Yanukovych said that is sorry about the victims on the Maidan on both sides: among peaceful demonstrators and among police officers.

Went to Russia with no money and “hand Luggage”

Speaking about his financial status, Yanukovych said that the money and property in Russia does not have all their savings and property he allegedly left in Ukraine.

“In any Bank in the world not discovered a penny of my money. I have not had any accounts. I’m from Ukraine did not take anything away except personal items that were hand Luggage”, – said Yanukovych.

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“I couldn’t Finance, because I have no money. I didn’t have them. The money that I have, they are all famous, are on my accounts in Ukraine, mainly in the savings Bank in Ukraine. My whole property is blocked, arrested. Abroad I have any money there,” – he added.

Note, also among the controversial statements of former President-the fugitive can note his words about what it supposedly will write in the textbooks the truth, but did not specify what kind.

Yanukovych also said that free time in Russia spends with her grandchildren, as well as people who left the Donbass because of the fighting.

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The next attempt of the interrogation of the former President will be taken 28 November at 13:00. Then it is established and communication between the capital and Svyatoshinsky court in Rostov.