Ukrainian epee fencers won two medals at the world Cup in Paris

Украинские шпажисты выиграли две медали на этапе Кубка мира в Париже

Bogdan Nikishin came in second place in the overall world Cup standings.

The national team of Ukraine on fencing on swords in composition of Bogdan Nikishin, Igor Raslina, Vladimir Stankevich and Roman Svichkar won a bronze medal at the world Cup in Paris.

This medal was the first for the Ukrainian team this season. In previous times, “blue-yellow” was rising to the podium in 2017.

In Paris in the 1/8 finals, the Ukrainians were Germany (42:31) quarterfinal — China (24:16), but in the semifinals lost to the Hungarians (21:23). In the end, “blue-yellow” has won the right to fight for bronze against Israel. The fight was very tense and ended with the victory of the Ukrainians 38:36.

In the individual tournament with a medal finish Bogdan Nikishin, who won the silver medal.

Nikishin started immediately in the round of direct elimination for the second number of crops. In their opening match of the leader of the national team of Ukraine won by one shot promising Spaniard Yulen Pereira (14:13), in the 1/16 final by a whisker beat Kwon Yong Joon (5:4) from South Korea, then dealt with the Venezuelan Francisco Limardo, finishing the fight with a score of 9:1, and got to the semi-finals of the tournament, defeating the American Curtis MacDonald (15:10).

Stage 1/2-finals the Ukrainian knocked out the RoK Park Kyung-Doo (15:9), and in the final match lost by two shots, a two-time world champion Nikolay Novosyolov (13:15) from Estonia.

Nikishina for this medal was the fourth in the current season. On account of a Ukrainian epee already had two silver medals won at the world Cup in Bern, Switzerland and German in Heidenheim, as well as the gold that it produced the same event in Vancouver. Because of this, he came in second place in the overall world Cup standings.

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