Ukrainian everywhere. What will change a new law on language

Украинский везде. Что изменит новый закон о языке

In Ukraine there can be a new language law

The document regulates the use of Ukrainian in all spheres of public life throughout Ukraine. It does not apply to the sphere of private communication and religious ceremonies.

The Verkhovna Rada supported at first reading a new law on language. The language issue is traditionally one of the most controversial in Ukraine. Politicians often manipulate them in search of cheap political points for their ranking.

After the abolition of the so-called language law “Kolesnichenko – Kivalov” in this field in Ukraine was legal evacuation. Now it is trying to fill a new comprehensive law that regulates the use of the Ukrainian language in various fields. have collected the most contentious issues of the bill.

Mandatory Ukrainian

If the document has become law, and this need for him to vote in the second reading, that all meetings, appointments, etc. in government – both Central and local – should be conducted in the Ukrainian language.

If the meeting organizer wants to spend it in another language, it needs to provide translation into the state language.

If during a meeting someone says in Ukrainian, the organizer is obliged to provide simultaneous or consecutive translation into the state language if required by at least one participant of the event.

The Ukrainian language mandatory for all documentation of the authorities and courts and law enforcement agencies.


Language education in Ukraine is the Ukrainian language.

Persons who belong to national minorities and indigenous peoples are guaranteed the right to education in municipal schools and kindergartens in the language of national minorities or relevant indigenous people along with Ukrainian.

Institutions provide the compulsory study of the state language, in particular the institution of professional (vocational), the higher professional and higher education – to the extent that allows to carry out professional activities in the selected area with the use of the state language.

In educational institutions in accordance with educational program can teach one or more courses in two or more languages – the state language, in English, in the other official languages of the European Union.


After the adoption of the bill of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, working with clients and consumers to conduct services in the Ukrainian language. This rule also applies to online shopping and e-Commerce-directories. And the service in another language is possible only at the request of the customers.

Any marking will also have become available in the Ukrainian language, and a font not smaller than that used in the original language.


For television and radio, the bill offers nothing new.

In General, weekly volume of broadcasting of the Central and regional Ukrainian-speaking TV-radio transmitting and / or movies must be at least 75% of total duration each period of time between 07.00 and 18.00 and between 18.00 and 22.00.

For the week of Ukrainian-language broadcasts and / or films must be at least 60% of the total duration.

Broadcasters are required to have at least 75% of Ukrainian-language news broadcasts, distributed in each time period between 07.00 and 18.00 and between 18.00 and 22.00.

Print media in Ukraine, if the law will work will be published in the Ukrainian language. You can publish a newspaper or magazine in two or more language versions, one of which must be in the state language. All language versions must have the same name to be identical in content and out in one day.

In each location the distribution of printed media of Ukrainian-language Newspapers and magazines shall be not less than 50%. And if the point is the Russian version of the magazine or newspaper must be Ukrainian.


Internet presence (including websites, social media pages, etc.) public authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations of state and communal forms of ownership, mass media, registered in Ukraine must be in Ukrainian language.

Along with a version of the Internet presence is made in the Ukrainian language, there can also be versions in other languages. The version in the Ukrainian language should be the default and be no less in scope and content than the versions in other languages.


Initially the bill was the norm about language inspectors who were supposed to enforce the law. But critics of the shaft after it was removed.

“Bill No. 5670-d we removed the stimulus in the form of language inspectors. Russian propaganda made them “scared”. Although it was not anything bad. The notion we of of the bill was removed, but the functions left, passing them to the Commissioner for the protection of the state language. After all, no law will work without the control and mechanisms of its implementation. Generally provided more institutions, but we left only two – the National Commission on the standards of the Ukrainian language and the office of the Ombudsman”, – said the first Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on culture and spirituality, co-author of the bill Irina Podolyak.

Public humiliation or contempt for the Ukrainian language is proposed to punish, and humiliation of other state symbols, from a penalty of 850 hryvnias to arrest to six months or imprisonment up to three years. It also has various penalties for violation of the law by civil servants and others whom it concerns (for example, workers in the fields of education, medicine and culture, as well as the media) – 3400 hryvnias and above.

Most importantly, we will remind, the law passed in the first reading and has not earned.