Ukrainian fighter Spivak: I Want to pick up a belt of the champion of UFC

Украинский боец Спивак: Хочу забрать пояс чемпиона UFC

Sergey Spivak

World champion in MMA Sergey Spivak said on his way to fight Olympus.

In June, the Kyiv sports Palace promising Ukrainian heavyweight Sergey Polar Bear Spivak won the confidence of the legend of the mixed single combats from USA Travis Fulton approached the match with an outstanding Luggage of more than three hundred performances in cages and rings around the world.

Thanks to this success Sergey became world champion of the League WWFC – the sole leader of the Ukrainian MMA, and did so just the seventh professional fight. It is climbing to the top? Exclusive and candid story of Sergey Spivak.

— Sergey, how did You become an MMA fighter? Who, figuratively speaking, found who You are a MMA, or MMA – You?

— It would be correct to say that I found MMA. In childhood, my father watched the fights of Fedor Emelianenko and actually actively watched it. I think that’s when he was born the love for this sport. And with it the thought that in place of Fedor I can be.

— Did some other sports to devote her life to mixed martial arts?

— I think that in my childhood my dad knew what to do with me. I started with JIU-jitsu, then he sent me parallel to to go to Boxing and judo. So my childhood was very stressful: I went to school at 8 am and returned home at 11 PM, because after school I had 2-3 training.

— Among fans and athletes, too, for a long time irreconcilable opposition: “Boxing vs MMA”. As for Boxing treat You personally? What is the time spend in training?

— I really like Boxing, and I have my Boxing coach – Fedor Cheban. Actually, I spend a lot of time the Boxing technique, because perform heavy weight, each representative of which in the presence of a heavy blow. I need to be ready for it.

— What do You the most pleasant and beloved in preparation for a fight? That, on the contrary, are given with the greatest difficulty, and frankly a burden?

— When starting a training, this means that you need to get away from his family. This means that you need to refuse all temptations. This means that you need to give everything in training for full and eat right. It does not please me, but there is something to remember (smiles). In preparation I most like the moment when you adhere to the diet but one day a week – usually on a Saturday after a workout – you can eat sweet (smiles).

— What do you consider his strengths and what, on the contrary, you need to add?

My strong side is my heart, my will, my need to be first and win. Whatever happens, I will fight anyone to the end. What you need to add, I know, but would prefer not to dwell on the subject.

— When You have a feeling that MMA can become something more than just a hobby and way of keeping fit?

And MMA ever for me and wasn’t just a hobby – I always treated very seriously. This is my job and my passion.

— Tell us about your career path before winning the world title WWFC. That was memorable than you most proud of?

— I was made for lovers and has made it good results. I have good coaches, which I cannot fail to mention is the Roman Babi (JIU-jitsu), Sergey Anatolyevich, Kosolupenko (judo, Sambo) and Fedor Cheban (Boxing). Professionals I began performing at the age of 19, trained in Kiev and France, and to date, my record consists of seven victories without a defeat. There were I, of course, and downtime, but it is a great sport, and it happens. With God’s help, next will be bigger and better.

— How did You become a fighter WWFC?

— In General, anything unusual or mysterious. Noticed me, came at me, and offered me good conditions. So simple and off the beaten path I was in the League WWFC.

— Your account is now seven wins in the pros. Which one was harder?

— Can’t single out any one win – each of them was difficult for me. Your fight starts when preparation begins and ends when you raise your hand. It’s a long and grueling path.

The last fight against Travis Fulton opponent in the first round managed to carry out suffocating reception, but You did not give up and eventually celebrated the victory. How hard was it to endure the capture of experienced American?

Yeah, Travis is good there I grabbed tightly, and I realized that if I’m not selected, I will be in trouble. When he took me on suffocating, and I started to choke, I saw a their parents. I knew they were watching me live and very worried. And it helped me.

Your fighting nickname is “Polar bear.” How it appeared?

– As a child my father told me: “Here you are now like a little white bear, and when you grow up, you big white bear.” So I went by the nickname “Polar Bear”.

— Who is your example in life and in sports?

For me the only real example is my father. He’s a real man. All I have achieved is a merit of my father. But I haven’t accomplished anything yet, and frankly… In sports my role models – I want to write my story.

— As parents and loved ones react to Your hobby?

— My parents and friends refer to this not as a hobby, but as my work. All support me, all believe in me.

And still MMA for You more is earning or able to declare itself as about the successful athlete to gain popularity in Ukraine and beyond?

— I can’t say that it is a means of earning, but Yes, I want to provide for my family in my old age, so they in no way needed. And the popularity… Popularity does not interest me, I’m just a kid from the street. Want to go further, to fight in the UFC with the best fighters in the world and with God’s help to climb as high as possible – to become number one and, of course, to take the UFC belt.

— And if to speak about the near future, what goals and goals? What do wish to achieve in MMA?

My goal and objective is to train and to remember for whom I’m doing this. I don’t want to be an average fighter, I want to be the best. Therefore, the objectives are the highest.

Thanks WWFC industry of the mixed single combats in Ukraine is gaining popularity at a frantic pace, the fans are literally dying, trying to find out information about the new tournament. Maybe with Your help we will be able to find out any details?

In this case, I do have something to please Ukrainian fans: on 27 September in Kiev will be held the next large-scale tournament WWFC 8!

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