Ukrainian footballer suspiciously scored an own goal in the dying minutes of the match

Украинский футболист подозрительно забил в свои ворота в концовке матча

Player Bukovina Igor Boychuk scored a ridiculous goal in the gate Obolon.

The match of the 28th round of the First League of the championship of Ukraine between Obolon Brovary and Bukovina may have scandalous consequences.

The match was moving towards a draw until the 88th minute goal an own goal scored Igor Boychuk. Obolon conducted an attack through the left flank, a cross from the hosts goalkeeper Bukovina was recaptured in the direction of his counsel, but he attempted to beat round to the corner, hit the own net.

This goal became the only one in the match that it was scored in the 88th minute so inspired thinking in the European media about the contractual nature of the match.

We will remind, a popular website don’t mince words, and asks the question: “What is this …?!” (What The F*ck?!)

The team is not directly accusing, but the choices only two: either this is the craziest own goal of all time or match wore a contractual nature.

According to the materials: