Ukrainian girl first climbed Everest

Украинка впервые покорила Эверест

Irina Galai climbed Everest

In such an unusual way, the girl made a gift for his birthday.

Tonight for the first time the Ukrainian climbed Everest. About it reports the Kharkov alpclub.

It is noted that in such an unusual way, Ukrainian Irina Galai made a gift for his birthday.

28-year-old Irina Galai is a native of Mukachevo, now lives in Kyiv, works as a development Director for one of the companies on sale of petroleum products.

“I got into climbing three years ago. Had an argument with an employee, lost, and I was sent to Kazbek (Caucasus). Went successfully the very first. And then I live from mountain to mountain. Work only in order to be able to travel,” says Irina.