Ukrainian gymnasts entered the top 5 of the strongest in Europe

Украинские гимнастки вошли в топ-5 сильнейших в Европе

Ukrainian women’s team in gymnastics were worthy of CHE.

Ukrainian women’s team in gymnastics has taken a high fifth place in team all-around at the European Championships in Glasgow.

Daria Varinsky, Valeria Osipova, angelina Fedorova, Yana Radivilova and only the eighth result in the finals, but it was an achievement, because last time in the final in MENA all-around Ukraine were in 2010.

In the final, our girls showed their best and finished in fifth place, behind only Russia, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

Note that today in the Treasury of the Ukrainian team already has two medals in synchronized swimming and rowing.

See the medal standings of the joint championship.

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