Ukrainian gymnasts won full set of medals at the world Cup in Tashkent

Украинские гимнастки выиграли полный комплект наград на этапе Кубка мира в Ташкенте

Ukrainian women were the best in exercises with balls.

Ukrainian gymnasts scored three times on the podium of the world Cup in Tashkent in a group program and twice on the catwalk appeared our Vlad, Nikolchenko, said the NOC of Ukraine.

Our team composed of Anastasia Wozniak, Valerie Yuzvyak, Diana Mijiritskii, Alina Bagno, Tetyana Dovzhenko and Maria Vysochanskii showed the best result in exercises with 5 goals, won the silver with 3 hoops/2 pairs of maces and bronze in the all-around.

In addition, Vlad, Nikolchenko twice won the bronze in the exercises with Hoop and clubs.

Earlier, the Ukrainian gymnasts won three medals at the Grand Prix in France.

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