Ukrainian gymnasts won two gold medals at the world Cup

Украинские гимнастки завоевали два золота на Кубке мира

Ukrainian women have won three medals in the group competition at the world Cup in Bulgaria.

The national team of Ukraine in rhythmic gymnastics successfully performed at the fourth stage of the world Cup which was held in Bulgaria.

Eugene Gaumont, Anastasia Wozniak, Valery Yuzvyak, Valeria Hanina, Diana Mezheritsky and Daria Kobets on the first day in the all-around, won silver, scoring 36.050 points and lost only to the hosts of the tournament – the national team of Bulgaria (36.550).

Our girls are healed on the second day when the individual exercises won two gold medals. Ukrainka received from the judges assessment of 18,300 in the exercises with five hoops. The second were the representatives of Bulgaria, in third place is Belarus. In the exercises with five hoops wards Irina Deriugina walked the same opponents with the assessment of 17.850.

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