Ukrainian handball player was called a failure of the performance of the national team in qualification for the world Cup

Украинский гандболист назвал провалом выступление сборной в отборе на ЧМ

Zakhar Denisov commented on the performance of the national team of Ukraine in the qualification for the world Cup-2019.

One of the leaders of the national team of Ukraine Zakhar Denisov shared his opinion about the causes of poor performance in the qualifying tournament for the world Cup.

“I think that there was some nedostroi to Italy. Of course, we knew that the match will not be easy, but we were confident that we will win and hoping to save his strength for Romania, after all it is hard physically to endure three games in a row. In my opinion, we are a relaxed, wanted to leave the main force for later. And still we managed to get to Italy. Went to play the ball in the ball, but it is difficult and unpredictable in a match against any opponent.

We then watched the match Italy – Faroe Islands and was under the impression that in the game against the Italians we met everything that their goalkeeper saved 50% of shots and we just ate, left-hander scored all seemed to play against Italy and against France.

We all wanted to win, we were given, were fighting on the Playground, and after the game was mourning. Hard ourselves, we know how the us was worried sick, how much effort has been put in before the tournament the team had a great collection. But trust we did not meet such performance is a failure.

Doubly frustrating, because we have gathered a good team of like-minded people, they all want to play, want to enter the world and European Championships.

All must share responsibility. I against Italy and scored 4 goals and one goal was not counted. If two of those throws were accurate, we would have won.

As we’re told by the coaches and the team and the club, our main opponent is ourselves. Everything comes from the head. Our problems lie in psychology. How to deal with it, as you can see, we don’t know yet. Not all players have enough experience of the games with such fervor.

In friendlies at the training camp in Germany, and also in the games against the Faroe Islands and Italy, it was felt that the opponents will play more relaxed than we are. They aren’t pressed by the result, even a defeat for them – it’s nothing to worry about. For us, failure is really scary. We failed the fans, the Federation and the Ministry. Understand that there will be questions to the coach. May updated the whole team, and we will not call and will bet on the young. Hands down will not. If we will continue to bring to the team, we will fight,” – said Denisov.

Recall that in Bolzano the Italian national team of Ukraine beat Faroe Islands 28:20, then lost to Italy 28:29 and in the last match played draw with Romania 26:26. In the final standings our team took the third place.

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