Ukrainian heroically landed the plane in Istanbul

Украинец героически посадил самолет в Стамбуле

Украинец героически посадил самолет в Стамбуле

The plane was badly damaged by hail
Oleg Lungul / Facebook

Украинец героически посадил самолет в Стамбуле

Glass in the cockpit miraculously survived
Oleg Lungul / Facebook

Alexander Akopov has already flown nearly 14 thousand hours.

Thursday, July 27, in Istanbul the Ukrainian pilot Alexander Akopov made a heroic landing of a passenger airliner Atlasglobal Turkish companies in the Ataturk airport. It is reported by an Apostrophe with reference to the journalist Osman Pashayev.

According to him, the plane with a Ukrainian crew flew from Istanbul to Ercan in North Cyprus.

“At altitude 4 thousand feet the plane broke the nose part and the glass of the cockpit. Captain Akopov took the decision to come On Board 121 passengers and six crew members. Akopov puts the Board by tilting the plane a little to one side to see through the side window strip. The dispatcher Ataturk very accurately led him to the landing. About the Ukrainian Alexander Akopov write all the Turkish media. Emphasize that he was the best school of the former Soviet Union is in Ukraine. Flew 13908 hours”, – said the journalist.

Also about the incident and the heroism of the crew wrote in a Facebook user Oleg Lungul.

“The Ukrainian crew and two Turkish flight attendants showed courage in this incident. Captain put blindly, has created krencik, and only looked through the window without opening it. When he landed the plane, applauded the whole airport Ataturk airport. The pilots of the other planes were flashing their lights and just came on Board to shake hands… It is really worthy of respect,” he said.

It is also noted that when you approach people, watching the plane, shouting: “He will not sit, do not sit down”.

As reported Корреспондент.netthis week, more than 200 tourists from Ukraine more than a day could not fly from the airport of the Greek city of Heraklion (island of Crete) because of the failure of the airline wind rose.

In the USA the plane crashed on the motorway