Ukrainian inventors came up with a socket that will change the world

Украинские изобретатели придумали розетку, которая изменит мир

Startups from Chernigov have developed an intelligent socket and put it on the international market. The future is already with us!

Forget about the plugs for sockets of children. Outlet working on the magnetic connection can be controlled from your smartphone, thus it is completely safe. How to make your home safe and comfort at the same time to create a progressive startup that interested SAMSUNG, says Kostya Bravo, a leading YouTube channel KOSMOPOLIT.

Meeting with the founder of a startup Novel, Bisco, which has developed a SMART socket “MEREDOT”, took place in Chernigov. “When the baby was born, I was worried by the question “how to baby-proof the apartment.” Reminds me of my childhood and the first danger that I thought about – it was the outlet. In the world 42 billion sockets, I set myself the goal to replace 10% of all outlets.” In this video you will learn how to make a small, but very useful development, found its niche in the international technology market, how to find a good investor and why it is important to present your startup.

Украинские изобретатели придумали розетку, которая изменит мир



Today the approximate cost of one kit of the invention $30-40, with mass production in China the price will be about $10. The kit includes the socket, which is fixed in the wall, by analogy with the modern and the classic adapter with plug or USB-plug adapter. The current prototypes can only charge low-power devices up to 200 watts – phones, lamps and computers. Plans to increase capacity to 2 kW, this will affect the design only slightly.