Ukrainian journalist denied entry to the Crimea for 34 years

Украинскому журналисту запретили въезд в Крым на 34 года

Taras Ibragimov worked in the Crimea in 2016

Taras Ibragimov directly connects the ban on entry to the Crimea with his work as a journalist.

Employees of the Russian FSB has banned Ukrainian journalist Taras Ibragimov entry to the territory annexed the Crimea and Russia for 34 years. He said this on his page in Facebook on Saturday, January 18.

“Until 2054 FSB forbade me entry to Russia and the occupied Crimea”, – wrote Ibragimov and added that the reason for the ban was “personal animosity”.

In the commentary edition of the Crimea.Realities Ibrahimov said that directly links the ban on the entry with his work as a journalist and work on publications that actively illuminate the trials of Crimean Tatars in the Crimea and in Russia.

According to the journalist, on the administrative border between Crimea and Kherson region, all were polite, but clear explanation of the reason for the ban is not in order, or in oral explanation.

Ibragimov also said that it he was fingerprinted, photographed and released.

Украинскому журналисту запретили въезд в Крым на 34 года

Photo: Crimea Realities / Taras Ibragimov

Taras Ibragimov worked in the Crimea in 2016. He covered such trials as “case on February 26,” the matter Ilmi Umerov, the case of Hizb ut-Tahrir, “the case of Ukrainian saboteurs” and others. Also provided information about searches, arrests and kidnappings that are carried out in the Crimea the staff of the FSB and the Centre to combat extremism.

In December 2019, it became known that the FSB refused to let the citizen of Ukraine for my father’s funeral and banned him for 34 years the entrance to the Peninsula and the territory of the Russian Federation until February 1, 2054.

Earlier, the FSB announced the arrest of a criminal from Ukraine on entry into the Crimea. A Ukrainian without papers allegedly decided to go in annexed Crimea “in search of a better life.”

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