Ukrainian language is more prone to communism – VoxUkraine

Украиноязычные более склонны к коммунизму – VoxUkraine

The organization claims to have surveyed more than forty thousand Ukrainians.

At the end of 2015 analysis platform VoxUkraine has launched a political compass test to determine ideological commitment of the respondents.

On the organization’s website stated that in four months, compass has trained more than 40 000 people, of which about 15 000 filled in a detailed questionnaire. VoxUkraine analysts have analyzed and obtained quite unexpected results. For example, Ukrainian-speaking respondents are more prone to left-authoritarian ideology (communism), than Russian (16% vs. 12%).

Украиноязычные более склонны к коммунизму – VoxUkraine

The distribution of political views of Ukrainians

As reported Корреспондент.netthe majority of Ukrainians believes that the current level of morality of society was lower than it was in Soviet times.

Reports about bribes, only one percent of Ukrainians – poll