“Ukrainian macho” kissed the robot Sophia

"Украинский мачо" поцеловал робота Софию

The robot of Sofia welcomed the audience by saying: “Glory to Ukraine!”

The man who introduced himself as “Ukrainian macho” asked the robot, if I could kiss her. She later called the man “beautiful.”

The robot of Sofia in Kiev has allowed the Ukrainians to kiss me on the cheek. It happened yesterday at the business forum Olerom Forum One, said on Sunday, October 14, TSN.

It is noted that the robot of Sofia was the special guest of the event. On stage she appeared in embroidery with red embroidery, a black skirt and black gloves.

Sofia greeted the audience by saying: “Glory to Ukraine!”, what caused the applause.

A female Android thanked for the invitation to the forum and said that she loved it, what in Ukraine are sympathetic, hospitable and positive people.

“I was in Ukraine just a few days, but already saw a lot of things. I really liked the Ukrainians: they are open, they are warm, they are always smiling. I really like this city,” said Sofia.

First, the robot answered the questions of organizers, and then the opportunity to ask their questions provided by the audience.

One of the first asked the young man who called himself “Ukrainian macho”. He asked the robot Sofia, if I could kiss her. She first said that she needed to think, and then added, that is possible, but only on the cheek.

Daredevil took to the stage and kissed the robot.

The host of the event asked if he had a girl, what guy replied: “Yes. The girl gave me an assignment to kiss Sofia. She’s just a fan of Sofia. And it would be very cool if she finds out”.

The interesting thing is that Sophia liked the kiss, and she called a guy beautiful.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

“Ukrainian macho” Yak myself calling chlopacy, becoming another in column, after @ruslan_senichkin, that piluwa robot Sofia. Dream boys zdislavice on business forum have CIV #robotcope #robotlove #robotsofia #piluek #macho #Ruslanbek #sancken #pilolabus

Does, polirani Ladytsn (@lady.tsn.ua) 13 GOV 2018 R. 7:04 PDT

Earlier, the robot of Sofia refused to kiss will Smith. Video Dating Hollywood actor and the humanoid robot became an Internet hit.

While being in Kyiv, Sofia Groysman told about Ukraine.


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