Ukrainian men’s team handball have not qualified for the world Cup

Мужская сборная Украины по гандболу не вышла на чемпионат мира

Ukrainian team handball was not qualified for the world Cup

Ukrainian handball players failed to beat Romania in the final match selection.

Ukrainian team handball played a draw with the team of Romania – 26:26 in the last match of the first stage of qualification for reaching the final of the world Cup 2019.

To win the group and advance to the next round of selection of wards of Vitaly Andronov needed a victory over the Romanians, and with a difference of 6 points. If you win with a lower score had to hope for a favorable result of the match Italy – Faroe Islands, where the Ukrainians could not hold the victory of the Italian team.

Our team started well in the first half and, although for some time teetered on the advantage of 4-5 points, went into halftime with a lead of three goals.

After the break, the Romanians started to play more aggressively, which allowed them twice to come forward. Andronov team again leveled the game, but opponent gave us to go ahead. In the end, the match ended with a draw, which left Ukraine without the world Cup.

The Ukrainian team can’t play in the final of the world Cup in 2007. The last time our team has played in the finals of major tournaments in 2010, making his way to the championship.

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