Ukrainian microlending market in 2017

Украинский рынок микрозаймов в 2017 году

In 2017, the concept of “microcredit” is familiar to everyone, although 3-4 years ago the Ukrainians belonged to the “quick loans” skeptical

According to the authoritative resource SimilarWeb number of visitors to the sites microloans varies from 84 thousand to 1.4 million people per month, and this means that almost every 6th Ukrainian shows interest in the topic.

The situation with fast loans

Today in Ukraine was 679 microfinance institutions (MFIs), 89 of which were established in 2017. All this shows the great interest in the market of microloans not only from consumers but also from business. Why microloans have such wildly popular and where it is profitable to take the credit?
Unlike a Bank loan, quick loan offers a simple mechanism to obtain funds. The client does not need to collect a package of documents (usually only need the passport number and VAT number), the time for processing applications takes no more than 15 minutes, while the application is accepted online and no visit to the office.

Analysis of the market of crediting in Ukraine

Our analysts conducted an analysis of the lending market and interviewed clients of such services. In the preparation of the sample MFIs consider the following factors:

● a site with the opportunity to apply for a loan;
● a decision on the application should be fully online;
● credit money must be credited exclusively to the Bank card;
* the lender is a financial institution (MFI).

According to the results of the open interviews was formed review of loans. A list of the TOP 8 most popular micro-credit services, where it is profitable to take the credit: Moneyveo, CreditUP, Mycredit, CreditOn, Credit365, Kltcredit , Ccloan.

Also revealed the main criteria by which customers choose these services:

● Characteristics of the declared services (sum, term, the time of registration);
● Website performance and usability;
● Interest rates when lending to new and “re” of the client;
● Efficiency, competence and speed of work support services;
● Compliance with the stated interest rate the actual.

Conditions of lending to new customers

When choosing a lender the main importance is the maximum loan amount and loan term, the interest rate on the loan, and also analyzes the average time for processing data on the client’s request.

Украинский рынок микрозаймов в 2017 году



Lending “repeat” customer

Compare the amount of the overpayment if re-treatment (excluding promotions):

Украинский рынок микрозаймов в 2017 году



The usability of the website

The design and content of the site enables the user to understand how to register, ask questions to consultants and view legal information about the lender.

Украинский рынок микрозаймов в 2017 году



Work support

Among the available types of customer support, credit card companies offer a consultation by phone, feedback form or online chat.

Украинский рынок микрозаймов в 2017 году



The claimed rate of interest the actual

And the main criterion (one might say, trust) – consistent interest rates:

Украинский рынок микрозаймов в 2017 году



The results of the research and development trends of the market of microcrediting

During the market research of the online lending article describes eight of the companies in which it is profitable to take the credit in Ukraine. According to the results of the analysis were allocated to the three market leaders – Ccloan, MyCredit and Moneyveo. However inferior to them and seek to take the leader’s place services KLT Credit and Credit365. The other players are still on the path to improvement.

Market analysis of consumer credit revealed that micro-credit companies in connection with high competition have to fight literally for each client. To do this, they are actively used not only various methods of attracting: bonuses, promotions for new borrowers, special loyalty programs, but to maximally simplify the process of obtaining a loan. All this on the one hand develops the lending market, and with another – allows the Ukrainians to obtain a high level of service and really convenient and customer-oriented service.