Ukrainian military shot down a drone in Donbas

Украинские военные сбили беспилотник на Донбассе

The wreckage of a downed drone

Aircraft to collect intelligence information on the route of Bakhmut-Konstantinovka-Ocheretino.

Members of the joint forces in the Donbas shot down another drone. This reports the press center of the headquarters of the EP on Tuesday, November 20.

“On November 19 at about 9:49 the RES identified the unmanned aerial vehicle of the enemy, probably the type of Orlan-10. Enemy drone to collect intelligence information along the route “Bakhmut-Konstantinovka-Ocheretino”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that after the confirmation of the work of the drone radar means of air defense, around 12:20, the target was destroyed by fire OU air defense of Air forces of VSU.

The staff also added that, judging by the wreckage and parachute characteristic with the room is the drone of the Russian Orlan-10.

Earlier in October, the APU has published a video as the Mi-24 helicopter knocks over Lisichansk UAV Orlan-10. While the UAV tried to maneuver height and direction.

Also in June, APU destroyed the drone that was trying to carry out air reconnaissance in the direction of the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

Orlan-10 – multifunctional unmanned complex designed to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance. Developed by the Russian company Special technology center. The apparatus can rise to a height of up to 5 kilometers and to hold in the air for 16 hours at a speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour. The maximum range of application of the complex – up to 120 km from the ground control station and up to 600 km in Autonomous mode.

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