Ukrainian Olympic champion has accused a colleague of rape

Украинская олимпийская чемпионка обвинила коллегу в изнасиловании

Tatiana Gutsu

Tatiana gutsu living in the United States, remained silent for 27 years.

Two-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Ukrainian Tatiana gutsu accused Belarusian gymnast Vitaly Shcherbo of rape.

“I plucked up the courage after 27 years. The one who raped me in Stuttgart in 1991, is Vitaly Scherbo. The monster that kept me in my own prison, and which I feared for so many years. I know you try to protect yourself. But my evidence is much more convincing than your words. Now I’m as strong as ever. You won’t be able to break me. This is my Cinderella story.

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I lived it, and I will support everyone who is afraid to speak. I’ll try to be confident in their abilities,” wrote Gutu on the page in Facebook.

We will remind, Gutu at the age of 16 became a double Olympic champion at the Games in Barcelona in 1992. In the same year in the Ukraine national team, she won three gold medals at the European Championships.

Currently, Gutu, and Scherbo live in the United States. Ukrainian he moved overseas in 1993 after the sports career.

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