Ukrainian pilot became the best at SIAF Airshow in 2016

Украинский летчик стал лучшим на авиашоу SIAF-2016

Demonstration by Ukrainian pilots

The winner among military pilots chosen by the public.

The pilots of the air force of Ukraine made during an international air show SIAF-2016, which was held in the city of Sliac in the Slovak Republic.

Video of the pilot on the Airshow SIAF-2016 in Slovakia published Military television.

“One can look at it forever! Our in the sky! Slovak fans according to the results of two days gave the title of the best military pilot of Ukrainian Alexander Aksenenko”, – says the publication.

Alexander Aksenenko also received an award from the commander of Air forces of the Slovak Republic.

Films were crews on su-27 and su-27UB and An-26.

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