Ukrainian poet accidentally fell from the window

Украинский поэт случайно выпал из окна

A man inadvertently fell from the window

The friends insist that he was sober.

In the night of 23 October, the Ukrainian poet Artem Polezhaka accidentally fell from the window. This was reported by his friend Dmitry in Facebook.

“On Monday night, after a trip to the ATO zone, and then to her parents in the village, Tom did not have time to relax properly, sat down to smoke on the window sill and then whether he slipped, or fell asleep and fell out of the window,” wrote Dmitry.

He also insists that the poet was completely sober and with him there was an accident.

According to him, an ambulance was summoned only in the morning, but the doctors did not pay enough attention to Artyom and only “smeared his head with iodine and thrown like a homeless person all day even not treating all wounds”.

“Found him in the evening in a hospital where no one wanted to look in Kharkiv without money”, – said Artem.

We will remind, in Kiev killed fighter ATO, after falling from the ninth floor of a residential building.